ATP-LONG® is a cardiological medicinal drug for trearment of ischemic heart disease. Owing to its ability of metabolic processes correction in the myocardium in the presence of hypoxia and ischemia, ATP-LONG® produces a membrane stabilizing, anti-arrhythmic and anti-ischemic effect.


Product which may be recommended as additional source of vitamins and minerals. The Immunovel is original complex with immuno-modulated properties (for account of purple echinacea extract) which facilitate the increasing of immunity, strengthening of organism resistance against stress situations and environment unfavorable factors. It has general bracing and antioxidant preperties.


ÑhondroWell® is recommended as an additional source of glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and natural sulfur, which improve the functioning of musculoskeletal system. ÑhondroWell helps to restore cartilaginous tissue and to improve joint mobility.


It is original combined cardiological preparation for heart ischemic decease treatment. Owing to unique composition it permits to increase heart cells resistance against ischemia and physical loads. The main effect of preparation is pre-conditioning effect - "heart cells hardening".


It is unique preparation for men's potency increase. The preparation uniqueness lies in its ready product form (the preparation is dissolved under tongue) and is capable to provide the effect after 6 - 8 minutes..


Rhythmokor is original combined preparation for medical treatment of cardiovascular system diseases. The preparation produces metabolic action thereby protecting the heart cells against ischemia action and possesses anti-arrhythmic action


The product which may be recommended as additional source of magnesium ions and amino acids which facilitate the cerebrum activity, as well as for cerebrum blood flow normalization. Utilization of the CitoVel product may be especially useful for persons with cerebrum blood flow impairments (strokes) and with residual effects of cerebrum blood flow impairment.


It may be recommended as additional source of magnesium ions and amino acids during increased physical and mental loads which facilitate the cerebrum activity. The Membraton increases the function of memory, thinking and psycho-emotional state. The Membraton use is especially useful for persons with increased irritability, as well as for persons with impairment of memory, attention and thinking.