Products manufacturing by the contract

One of direction of the FarKoS activity, except its own products manufacturing, is manufacturing by the contracts. We offer wide range of services on manufacturing by the contracts. We take orders for manufacturing of medicinal preparations (released by receipt and without receipt), nutraceuticals and substances.

You may order from us the following set of services:

- capsulation;

- tabletting;

- manufacturing of packaged and non-packaged products;

- manufacturing of powders in sachet packets;

- synthesis of substances;

- quality checking of AFI and ready products;

- development of new products in cooperation with our staff from the innovation department;

- services for packing in - bulk.

Advantages of cooperation with the FarKoS are the following:

- high-professional consultations;

- individual approach for every order;

- high quality of customer services and proper conditions for storage of ready products, raw and semi-finished materials in our logistic center (ready products warehouse);

- broadened system of quality control at all stages of manufacturing process;

- discount system;

- flexible payment conditions.

Regarding any questions for manufacturing by contracts contact with us, please, by our E-mail: