The FarKoS company's history is beginning from the FarKoS Pharmaceutical firm which was established in 1996. The commercial activity of the firm is based upon the results of its own scientific achievements. The main body of the company consists of the innovation developments which permit the company to introduce itself successfully into the pharmaceutical products market.

In order to achieve the best results the FarKoS firm during the long time period is followed the strategy of optimal integration of the carefully considered policy of joint investigation fulfillment with the high efficiency of its own scientific research works in new medicaments development. The scientific and research conception of the company is based upon the fundamental achievements in branches of biology, biochemistry and physiology.

The priority in development of medicaments on base of coordinated compositions is belonging to the firm. Just such preparation named ATF-LONG® became the guarantee of successful formation and further development of the company. The FarKoS is producing the chemical substance and production of the complete medicinal form is transferred to the Borschahivka Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant according to the license agreement. By the results of 2005, the ATF-LONG® preparation was in the top-100 list by pharmaceutical preparation sales volume and was nominated for the Preparation-2005 title by the results of the "Panatseya" all-Ukrainian rating.

During this period the firm passed successfully the formation process: its own manufacturing workshops for production of ready medicinal forms (tablets and capsules), as well as warehouse premises, were established and put into operation.
Scientific and research base became stronger, its own methodology of new medicaments development was originated, and infrastructure on its innovation and production was enlarged.

In 2010 the wholesale pharmaceutical warehouse was set up which main activity was directed to providing the pharmaceutical networks with the products manufactured by the" FarKoS Pharmaceutical firm" PrJSC. The wholesale pharmaceutical warehouse opening permitted to increase the effectivity of logistic service functioning.

In 2011 the outsourcing department was established which was connected with the products sales control and marketing activity monitoring in pharmaceutical networks of Ukraine regarding the products of other domestic and foreign manufacturers.

In 2013 the development of the "Products for health", "Membraton", "CitoVel", "ImmunoVel" innovation line was begun. Thanks to optimal joining of strategy partnership policy and cooperation with scientific and research organizations the " FarKoS Pharmaceutical firm" JSC was entering new markets with perspectives of development and took the leading position in branch of innovation achievements of medical science and new medicaments development.